How we work.

We are partners, consultants and problem solvers for national and international companies of different industries and sizes. By precisely analyzing, understanding and improving processes and working conditions with targeted measures, we enable people to develop solutions and make decisions that have a lasting effect.


1st Step:
Identifying causes


2nd Step:
Quantitative and qualitative analysis


3rd Step:
Design of a solution


4th Step:
The implementation of the solution.

The process explained.

Erfahren Sie, wie vacon von der ersten Analyse bis zur Umsetzung vorgeht,welche Schritte zum Erfolg führen und wie wir das finanzielle Risiko tragen.


In diesem Video erläutert unser Gründer ein Fallbeispiel aus der Praxis. Er zeigt, wie unser Team einem Kunden erfolgreich bei der Bewältigung von Herausforderungen und der Entwicklung innovativer Lösungen geholfen hat. Erfahren Sie mehr über die Methoden und Ergebnisse, die zum Geschäftserfolg führten.

How we work

 Learn how we work, what solutions we are providing and what the costs are, explained by our CEO André

Case Study

 Learn how we increased the turnover of a client by six times and quadrupled the profit within two years.

The Team

Our Key to Success?

Our employees. We keep hearing that working with vacon is different. Why? Because of our unique culture of collaboration, made up of innovative minds, but above all great people from different countries, speaking many languages, and their unique experiences combined with our passion for your success.

André Schwarze-Salwiczek

As founder and managing director of our management consultancy, André is instrumental in the development of customized solutions. His extensive know-how in the areas of innovation management, process optimization and implementation enables us to offer our clients first-class consulting services and support them in achieving their goals.

Ogochukwu Iwuchukwu

As an expert in business development and strategy development, Ogochukwu is instrumental in identifying new business opportunities and developing long-term growth strategies for our European market. Her strategic vision and analytical thinking are crucial to the success of our company in this region.

Rohhit Khurana

As an expert in change management, Rohhit is involved in the implementation of organizational transformation initiatives. His experience in strategic alignment and solution-oriented leadership helps us achieve business goals and increase efficiency. Rohhit's ability to engage stakeholders and coordinate teams supports our organization in implementing effective strategies.  

Tessa Ackermann

As a specialist in dialog services and communication strategy, Tessa plays a key role in the development and implementation of our information strategies. Her expertise enables us to conduct effective dialogues with clients and optimize information processes. Tessa's ability to convey complex messages clearly and develop targeted communication plans contributes significantly to the success of our clients. Translated with (free version)